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Houston doctors give their best heart health tips

It could be argued that your ticker is the most important organ in your body. When it stops, so do you. So, it’s in all of our bests interests to keep it as healthy as possible. This is especially important for women. 63 percent of women who die from a heart attack never had a single symptom. And when women have a heart attack, it can be more deadly. In fact, 40 percent die within a year of having a heart attack. This is true for only 24 percent of men. Experts attribute this to the fact that women wait longer to seek treatment.

The thing is, simple changes to diet and lifestyle can make all the difference. Here are some of the most important things you can do to keep your heart in tip-top shape:

- Stay away from red meats and saturated fats. Try to limit your intake to 4-8 ounces or less a day.

- When you get a regular check up at the doctor, be sure to have your cholesterol and blood pressure checked.

- Lean chicken and fish, along with a healthy serving of vegetables is your best bet to keep a healthy weight and take pressure off your heart.

- Exercise, exercise, exercise. Running, swimming and even walking have been shown to reduce the chance of a heart attack. Doctors recommend at least 45 minutes of walking per day.

- Don’t smoke! This is a no-brainer. The health risks of smoking are well known at this point so if you smoke, stop now.

- Pay attention to your family history. If others in your family suffered heart attacks, you may be predisposed. If so, you’ll want to talk to your doctor about it.

- If you’re experiencing chest pains while exercising or doing daily activities — and rest makes it go away — it could be a sign of heart trouble. A cardiologist will be able to tell you your best course of action.

- If even basic exercise is causing you to sweat or become nauseated, it could be a sign of serious heart trouble. Check with your doctor as soon as possible.