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Distracted Driving Legal Issue in Houston, TX

Some people are arguing that distracted driving is even more dangerous than drunk driving. As many times as we still hear about drunk driving accidents in the news, distracted driving occurs even more often and the consequences can be just as deadly. Unfortunately the problem of distracted driving is particularly rampant among teenagers and is nationwide. However, for Houston, TX residents there is some hope.

Texas AgriLife Passenger Safety Project has teamed up with State Farm in order to help combat the most common forms of distracted driving amongst teens. Common distractions for teens while driving include:

  • Using the cellphone.
  • Adjusting the radio.
  • Putting on makeup.
  • Texting.
  • Horseplay with passengers.
  • Eating and drinking (non-alcoholic beverages).

Of all the things that teens do while driving, texting is believed to be the most deadly because it distracts in three ways simultaneously. While texting the teen must take his or her hands off the steering wheel in order to text, occupying the mind with the texting conversation rather than with driving and causing the driver to take his or her eyes off the road in order to read and write texts. The reason this is considered more dangerous than drunk driving is because drunk driving may only distract in one or two ways.

If you consider the typical ways a drunk driver is distracted, they usually involve the driver having their hands off the wheel to drink alcohol (and this is only the case if they are actually drinking while driving) and the mind of the driver being hindered due to the cognitive impairment from the alcohol. Additionally, while drunk driving most typically occurs in the evening and early morning hours, distracted driving can occur at all hours. It is not uncommon to see multiple drivers making turns, going through intersections, pulling into traffic or even attempting to park while simultaneously talking on their cellphone, or worse, while trying to text.

When car accidents happen due to negligence, such as when one of the drivers is distracted with cellphone use or texting, there is legal recourse. A personal injury lawyer may be able to offer advice and assistance in discovering your legal options and recovering compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and other related costs.