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Clark Motor Co

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(254) 756-5377
3401 Franklin Ave
Waco, TX 76710

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(254) 756-5377

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written: 2 Reviews
Paid cash for a vehicle, then was informed the salesman made a mistake and didn't enter in the Mclennen county taxes and WE would have to come up with $310 to get out plates. We told them UMMMM NO, their mistake, their mistake they should pay...so they eventually payed. ANNND to top it all off the thing started smoking on us!!! 2 days after we bought it too, how bout that? Took it to a mechanic and he informs us that we need a new engine because a piston ring is cracked and has been for awhile and something has been done to temperaraly stop the exhausted smoke. Hmmmmm. Well when we inform the dealership, they deny deny deny of course, swears up and down he doesn't know how to stop exhaust smoke and that he is honest as can be.....yet he told us to go to his "great friends" down the street and try to trade it to them but don't tell them about the problem. And if I don't like driving around with the smoke there's this stuff I can buy right around the corner. A Checker that temperaraly stops the smoke!!!! I thought he didn't know how to mask problems like that. Hmmmmmm! Every single thing I've said here has been completely true. I loved my car, for a day...and the service was decent, until they were caught. Take your car to FREDS AUTO to get it looked over before you buy ANYTHING!!! He is aware of this dealership. Buyer beware!

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(254) 756-5377

3401 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76710

"Paid cash for a vehicle, then was informed the salesman made a mistake and didn't enter in t..."

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(254) 756-1083

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